ASUG Getriebe und Zahnradfabrik GmbH is an enterprise that has developed into a specialized company for drive technology and has a wide range of customer demands.

Whether your need is directed upon series-new gear also famous manufacturer or upon gear boxes made by customised wishes / drawings, besides, is unimportant. We always try hard to offer you with highly qualified gear designers on our side the best possible solution for your drive case.

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We will gladly support you in the field::

    • Maintenance and repair
    • Inspection and testing in the field
    • Sandblasting and paint stripping
    • Workshop consulting, lubricants, etc.
    • Education and training for your employees


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Spare parts:

In the area of ​​delivery and supplies, we offer you:

    • complete-new drive units (from known manufacturers and single designs)
    • Redesign of drive units according to your specifications
    • Second manufacturing after pattern
    • Manufacturing spare parts for TGL - gear or components to gears of the above suppliers



In case of operational emergencies and urgent repair you reach our service 24 hours on the day and 7 days the week under:

blau dunkel phone 25 +49 172 28 10 300

blau dunkel email 25 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are there for you!


On account of extensive controls in the area of Manufacturing and assembly we assure you any time the highest level of quality within the scope of our deliveries and services.


Our gears find their application in many industrial sectors:

  • Mill gear
  • Agitator gear
  • Extrusion gear
  • Cement industry
  • ining industry
  • Harbour cranes
  • Chassis gear
  • Rolling way gear / Roller conveyer gear
  • Bucket conveyor gear
  • Hypocyclic transmission B20, A20, AM20, BM20




Gear boxes

ASUG is versed in manufacturing and repair of numerous gear construction forms:

  • Mitre gear and cone-forehead wheel gear
  • Forehead wheel gear
  • Planet gear
  • Windlass gear and rotary work gear

Overview gear manufacturer their gears we are able to repair:

ABUS ®, ASUG ®, Bauer ®, CAVEX ®, CURRAX ®, Demag ®, Dempewolf ®, Eickhoff ®, Flender ®, FZG ®, Hansen ®, Hellwig & Offermann ®, HIMMEL ®, Hueber Baacke ®, Moventas ®, Ostermann ®, Passavant ®, Pekrun ®, REDUREX ®, Renk ®, Rexroth ®, SEW Eurodrive ®, SIG ®, Siemens ®, Voith ®, ZF ®


Construction & Design

We offer gear construction for a wide use field:

  • Customised gears / constructions
  • Development and construction of special gears
  • ASUG Gear from the VEB Kombinat Getriebe und Kupplungen (ASUG)
  • TGL Gear from the former Getriebewerk Penig assortment
  • TGL Gear from the former Getriebewerk Leipzig assortment
  • Reproduction of gears to which there are no more manufacturers
  • Retro-fit of already existing gears
  • TGL 18049, TGL 21810, TGL 21816, TGL 21817, TGL 21818, TGL 21895, TGL 34611, TGL 37088, TGL 18049, TGL 21810,TGL 21811, TGL 21812,TGL 21813, TGL 21814, TGL 21815, TGL 21816, TGL 21817, TGL 21818, TGL 21895, TGL 34611, TGL 37088, TGL 37089, TGL 38864
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